Terms & Conditions

First: The website is an electronic identification of the factory in terms of
Name: Jeddah Town Metal Casting Factory.
Address: Jeddah Al-Shati district, King Abdul Aziz Road.
Activity: Iron and steel casting, finished products.
Email: info@jeddahtownfactory.com

According to the updated data in the commercial register and the industrial license and the official paper statement is the first to be applied and presented in case of disagreement between
Website and updated modifications


Second: The different products that can be manufactured by the factory are displayed, and they are considered as a definition only for the specialization and activity of the factory and it is not a matter of offering the product for sale, and it is not considered positive in any way.


Third: The contracting and completion of the sale of products shall take place in one of two ways:
Issuing an original copy of a paper sale contract signed by both parties. (1)
(2) Sending the offer by the buyer via e-mail according to the initial understandings
The price offer submitted by us and the acceptance must be sent by us via e-mail to the buyer, and here the contract is concluded by our acceptance of the buyer's response. The price offer is not considered positive by us in any way.

Fourth: The method of payment according to the agreement

Fifth: The method of implementation according to the agreement.

Sixth: The method of delivery according to the agreement

Seventh: Prices are according to agreement

Eighth: The applicable laws and the competent courts are the laws and courts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Ninth: The general provisions shall apply in the event that the contract is devoid of regulation of it, and the conditions of the contract shall be prioritized, and they are presented to the general conditions in their application.